torsdag 23 augusti 2007

IEG (Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet)!!

So… many days have passed since I last wrote. I don’t know were to start, but I guess that I start with to tell you about my awful birthday.

As loads of you already know, I was born August 18th, 1990 in Vitebsk in Belarus. However, it also happened that I got a cousin August 17th, 2006, a very cute boy called Martin. To make a long story short, this year August 18th was on a Saturday, a perfect day to make a birthday-party. Which meant that Martin’s birthday party was on my birthday :P. The whole family on my father’s side was there, and as usual I was treated like a ghost, and when I say a ghost, then I really mean it!!! You can sit and cry, but still nobody is going to care about you!!! I guess you can imagine how boring everything was at the party. I had almost nobody to talk to, and there was nothing I could eat at all. Well, I think that I need to stop complaining about my birthday, because it could have been worse!

Something that I’m very happy about is my presents. I think that I got everything that I wished for + much more.XD

IEG (internationella engelska gymnasiet)

Yesterday was my first day at school. I was very strange, because I found myself very calm and glad, which I’m usually not. It was a very strange day for all of us. It started quite cool, but ended with 3 tests, each 45min. it was in physics, biology and chemistry. They were not so hard, but after the summer break, the seemed almost impossible. Thank god that the teachers are not going to grade them, only look at how much we know, and don’t know.

In any case, I really really like my class!!! They are very nice and smart people :P. however, the most interesting thing is that there are more boys than girls. That is very unusual when it comes to natural science program. Most of the schools in town have only about three boys in a class and rest are girls (a class with 30 people). So u can imagine how surprised I was! It was really something new for me.

Today we went to Alby Frilufsgård, the place where my parents like to almost walk every weekend. I thought that it was going t be very boring, as it usually is when you are with school on school activates. And again, I was wrong! We had leaders there who showed us cooperation activities and exercises.

We had to make groups of 9-13 people each, but my group only had 8 members, which made it easier for us to handle the exercises :P.

The only thing I have left to say, it that I have a wonderful class!!!!


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